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OAKMEAL Initiative

The OAKMEAL Acorn Initiative is a multifaceted project that encompasses resource regeneration, food sovereignty, community cohesion and agroecology. I have helped farmers to rekindle the collection of acorn caps for exportation as well as establishing acorn flour based products in the local cuisine. These activities have led to new hope and a shift in thinking that empowers farm families to save a natural resource and create sustainable income from the ancient Oak forest on Kea Island.

The OAKMEAL Acorn Initiative holds annual acorn collecting, storing & processing seminars in Greece and maintains an acorn shelling, leaching and pressing facility on Kea Island. 

Watch below Woodlanders' episode on our Acorn Harvest:


The Acorn Festival

Kea Island has a beautiful, unique and important natural resource - the ancient Oak forest. The Acorn Festival is held during the annual harvest of acorns and acorn caps in October. Support local producers and the Hamada Initiative and come to the next Acorn Festival

Acorn Harvesting & Processing

You can find out more about the world's first food production company based on the giant acorns of Kea Greece, on YouTube!

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