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Old Stone House Renovation

This is the first narrated compilation of my Old Stone House Restoration. Follow along as I talk about the ups and downs of completely renovating a 110 year old abandoned building. I can't believe I am the sole contractor on this project and I had almost forgotten just how much work we have done. This renovation series will re-start in the summer of 2023 and there's no better way to get ready than looking back at just what we have already accomplished! For more details of each step of the way, be sure to check out all the episodes in this old stone house series.


Check below a few select projects, and stay tuned for more DIY and crafting adventures on my YouTube Channel

Doing it myself!

Isn't it fun to try new things out? I find that engaging in DIY projects can be an excellent way to learn new skills and gain practical knowledge while I explore new territories and stay creative. It is such a rewarding experience to acquire knowledge through hands-on work while I feel empowered to become more self-sufficient.

Along the way might get attached to a few favorite habits like weaving or making marmalade!

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